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AXE MICRO "  A correct start with a micro expense. "

Starter foliar fertilizer for the first phases of vegetation. This action, at the whole level plants, results in improving the process of photosynthesis and growth the level of absorption of the substances minerals at the system level root. Contains a balanced mixture of elements nutrients specifically for crops agricultural.


AXE MULTIE - " Multi food you give , multi you are harvesting! "

It has a perfectly balanced formula in which the proportion of nutrients present is specifically  created to help cultures to have a harmonious development. Prevents nutrient deficiencies, of Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc and Nitrogen. Deficiencies or blockages being responsible of production losses and non-uniformity culture.


AXE OIL - "  The oil content gives you headache ? Give him oil and you got away! "

Designed to meet your needs Rapeseed, Sugar Beet, Lucerne Sunflower, Peas, Soybeans and Flax. Due to its specially balanced formula designed for the needs of oilseeds, it prevents deficiencies in the cultures.

In the process of fertilizer production raw materials were used carefully selected, of the first quality and in proportions balanced to ensure a rate of 100% absorption by the plant through foliar system and efficient application of in all situations.

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