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Axereal Romania has been in the Romanian agricultural market for more than a decade. A decade in which we have been at the side of Romanian farmers by providing fields with French genetics of the highest standards.

Together with our farmer partners, we have multiplied and acclimatised varieties of wheat for consumption, peas and soya which have had excellent yields even in the most severe climatic conditions.

We are confident that our varieties satisfy even the most demanding tastes. We are aware ofestablished varieties on the market, varieties that have made history, but we know also that the innovation is present in agriculture, genetics are advancig, new varieties with superior qualities are emerging, which ar stable and acclimatised varieties offering maximum yields.

For now we have 9 varieties of autumn wheat in our portfolio, 2 varieties of autumn barley, 1 variety of spring barley, 2 varieties of autumn peas, 2 varieties of spring peas, 2 varieties of soya, 1 variety of autumn flax and 1 variety of spring flax.

On request, Axereal meets farmers' needs with seed material for the following crops: spelt wheat, durum wheat, chickpeas, lupins and sorghum.

Thanks to the Axereal Group's market position, we meet the needs of farmers by providing the market for durum wheat, barley, flax, chickpeas, lupin, sorghum, soya and peas.

Also, in order to adapt to the European rules on the code of good agricultural practice, we meet farmers with a range of foliar fertilizers aimed at maximizing the harvest and reducing the consumption of chemical fertilizers.

Axereal representatives are at your disposal for any questions. Do not hesitate to contact them!